The 33-year-old Transcona local featured New Japan Pro Wrestling's greatest yearly show, Wrestle Kingdom 11, at the Tokyo Dome, on Jan. 4. Omega confronted Japanese wrestler Kazuchika Okada for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship.

He turned into the principal non-Japanese wrestler to star in a Wrestle Kingdom headliner since previous World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) champion Brock Lesnar in 2006.

However, in spite of Omega's accomplishment, neighborhood media failed on covering it, as indicated by individuals required in Winnipeg's wrestling group. "There are loads of fans locally that were continually conveying tweets and Facebook presents on Winnipeg media and there wasn't any scope, who possesses nearby wrestling organization Premier Championship Wrestling.

In any case, it's regular for professional wrestling to be neglected by the media, says AJ Sanchez, who began wrestling in 2002 for different neighborhood advancements and has wrestled all through North America.

"Wrestling as a rule has a bruised eye to the media," says Sanchez. "All you for the most part hear are the negatives of the wrestling business."

Sanchez thinks wrestling has earned a negative notoriety for every one of the outrages the business has confronted throughout the years, for example, steroids and wrestlers biting the dust youthful.

"The main time wrestling gets [local media] consideration is when wrestling stars from the 90s come to town," says Sanchez.

Shallcross says the absence of scope on Omega helps him to remember another wrestling hotshot from Winnipeg, Chris Jericho. Jericho has wrestled for WWE since 1999 and is a six-time best on the planet and nine-time Intercontinental Champion.

"They didn't do stories on Jericho when he was here in Winnipeg and making his name in Japan and ECW," says Shallcross.

Omega lost to Okada following an energizing 46-minute match. The match was given a 6/5 star rating by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, who has been covering genius wrestling since the mid 1970s. It was the first run through Meltzer granted a match a six-star rating.

"Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada may have put on the best match in genius wrestling history," says Meltzer.

The match was additionally given high acclaim from WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin on his podcast.He thought the match was flighty and that Omega and Okada made an incredible showing with regards to with offering each other's moves.

"That may be one of the best matches I've ever observed," said the six-time WWE Champion Austin.

Omega did all that he could to win the match, hitting about the greater part of his mark moves. Be that as it may, each time he went for his finisher, the "One-Winged Angel," Okada would invert it. Okada needed to utilize his completing move, "the Rainmaker," a few circumstances before at long last winning the match.

This week, a web-based social networking declaration is firmly proposing that Angle will be showing up at this current Sunday's Royal Rumble, as well as contending in the occasion as an unexpected contestant.

Today, the advancement took to Facebook to make the accompanying declaration with respect to Angle's appearance:

While it may not appear like a major ordeal, the planning raising ready banners for those following Angle's arrival to WWE.

An in-ring return for Angle has for quite some time been reputed, however Angle hauling out of this current end of the week's occasion appears as though it was done at the demand of WWE, which 5 Star doesn't seem to have.

This turns into a great deal all the more fascinating when you ask yourself for what valid reason WWE would pull Angle from the occasion, on the off chance that he had no contribution in the Royal Rumble, which is occurring this end of the week also.

It could imply that Angle is reserved for the Rumble and possibly his booking is more than only an on-camera appearance or a backstage on-camera section, as that would appear to be a misuse of an Angle appearance.


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